Spontaneous Productions


Most of my quality (and not-so-quality) work can be found on my ReverbNation page - however, I'll use this page to properly organize the songs there and help you get a grasp of what the crap you're listening to.

SOLO ALBUMS (from most recent to oldest)

songs about personal issues, bizarre fantasies, and Batman

Keep it Together:
(right-click each track and choose Save As)

1. Shelf Patrol

2. A Letter to My Love

3. Relativity

4. Julius Caesar's Majestic Cathedrals

5. Løsne

6. Nightmad


Pause For Effect:

1. One More Time

2. The Run

3. The Crusader

4. Rain

5. Precedent President

6. Yield



1. Alone in the Snow

2. Every Future

3. Anarchy Tonight

4. Indecision

5. Champaigne

6. Chasm


The Physics of It All

1. Denial

2. Enter Me

3. The Grind

4. The Wasteland

5. Penance

6. Real Attack



songs about the cutest horses I've ever seen


1. Dash Dash

2. Derpy Jam

3. About Raindrops 

4. The Ballad of Bon Bon

5. Return of Discord

6. The Lament of Lyra (right-click to save)


wordless excursions for games and giggles


1. Acirema

2. Video Time Out

3. Hallowed Halls

4. Momentium Theme

5. Red Rocket

6. Back to Work (Overtime Mix)